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Amazing Deafheaven show photoset by Jake Giles Netter


Tonstartssbandht - Alright

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when you run out of heroin

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I don’t know how to even say this so I’m just gonna say it: Is Ezra’s instagram profile picture a picture of a guy demonstrating a “squatting defecation” posture aka poop positions ? ????????

I had to research this one doctor, Denis P. Burkitt, for my health paper so I naturally searched the wikipedia page and I was casually reading up on his works. In one of the sections, it mentions how he found out that countries like Africa and Asia use “squatting” positions in order for defecate and how it’s better than the “sitting” down position.

Anyway, so I click on the article for the squatting positions, and then I come across this cartoon of a guy demonstrating a squatting position and the photo looked awfully familiar for some reason ?? ???? So I zoomed in closer and it’s fucking the same photo that Ezra uses for his instagram………is this some joke or is this really real or what

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Maybe I should try this game

i tried this game….i made a terrible mistake

My friend is on fucking 37 and I can’t even get past 3.

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